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19 AUG

8.30pm - Urban Rumour

Urban Rumour is a Christchurch based covers duo. Always looking for new ways to spice up their music their set is chock full of unique and audience engaging arrangements.


20 AUG


Ever wanted to know what it’s like to take up the mic on the iconic Fat Eddies stage and sing with a band? Now is your chance! Choose from the list of songs and rock out the stage with some of Fat Eddie's best musicians as your backing band!This is a weekly event and it's super inclusive - not just for 'pro' singers! Anyone and everyone can get up and sing their heart out!

21 AUG

8.30pm - Swingtown Rebels Social Dancing

Swingtown Rebels is a swing based dancing school that aims to bring a high level of fun classes and performances to as many people as possible in Christchurch! Come along to join in with their weekly social dancing at Fat Eddies!

9.00pm - Davey Backyard

Davey performs fresh interpretations of old classics and covers genres from blues, country, rock n’ roll, folk, celtic and original material. Always sure to add humor and lightheartedness to his performances, he has very good interaction with all audiences creating a warm atmosphere and appropriate ambience for any situation.


22 AuG

8.00pm - South Street Blues Band

ome on down for some Funk, Blues and more Blues. Featuring:
Cameron Walsh - Guitar/Vocals
Vince Leahy - Saxophone
Sam White - Bass
Regan Barker - Guitar/Vocals
Euan McTaggart - Drums

10.30pm - The Boney Maroneys

When it comes to groovy nostalgia the BONEY MARONEYS! will see to your every need. Performing the funkiest, stankiest, spiciest tunes from the 1920’s - today. There will be a little bit of something for everyone and a hole lot to shake your hips to. Boasting a deep and comprehensive song-list, cheeky medleys, classic sing-alongs and soaring solos the BONEY MARONEYS! perform unpredictable, entertaining and fun shows that are sure to make you grin, ball your eyes out, fall in love and dance the night away; every time!

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23 AUG

6.00pm - Georgie and the Vajazzlers

The acclaimed Georgie and the Vajazzler’s are back! Prepare to have the spirit of jazz inhabit and astound you. With the effortless vocal finesse of Georgie and the authentic swingin’ sounds of the Vajazzler’s, you’ll be in a jazz trance all evening.

8.30pm - The In Crowd

The In Crowd are a seven piece funk, soul, R 'n' B, rock band consisting of lead singer, guitar, bass, drums and a three piece brass section. The brass section blends together seamlessly with the guitars and a strong groove-focused rhythm unit to deliver a groove-laden sound. With a very capable lead singer and entertaining lead guitar trading solos with the brass, our audiences are definitely entertained while they dance.

12.00am - Black and Gold

Black and Gold are not just your regular covers band! There's sure to be a few classics, as well as some more zainey additions. This amazing band will keep you dancing all night long!

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24 AUG

9.30pm - The Manics

Lead singer Mariah Mckernan is going to take you on a journey through time. She will be accompanied by The Manics (her crazy good band!) Singing top hits like “It’s Raining Men” and “Thriller” she will have you singing at the top of your lungs and dancing all night long.

12.00am - Mirrors

Local music scene veterans Mirrors are returning with their funky late night party band. Expect bangers and solid groove all night!

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25 AUG

6.00pm - The Scene

Your Sunday just got a whole lot more interesting.

Fat Eddie's presents to you 'THE SCENE': a weekly jazz jam where you yourself can explore the fabric of jazz. Be that a smooth Sinatra ballad, a classic swingin' standard or even a funky Stevie Wonder moment, come and take that instrument of yours for a walk on the Fat Eddie's stage! To ease you into it, the first hour will be hosted by Georgie Clifford and her jazzy accomplices and then having been inspired, nay, moved - it is YOUR turn to take the stage.

Jazz standard or Prince song alike; drummers, horn players, bassists, chordal players, vocalists - any all manner of musicians come and join us for an all inclusive jam from 7pm - 9pm. SEE Y'ALL THERE.


Young people have no idea
what good music is.